• mwfrederick17

Joe Biden the Super Spreader

Joe Biden and the Democrats open our southern border at the height of a pandemic, allowing many hundreds of thousands to come here illegally. Many if not most have covid. And then Biden has them shipped to every corner of this country, unvaccinated. The mother of all super spreaders.

This is being done for political reasons. Democrats plan to weaken our voting requirements to the point where these people will be allowed to vote and of course the Democrats are counting on them voting for Democrats. And by the way, these illegal immigrants with covid will be finding their way to minority communities.

Biden then blames the surge on the unvaccinated and passes a mandate requiring working Americans to get a vaccinated or be fired from their jobs. Understand that illegal aliens are not required to get vaccinated.

So what does the corrupt fake media do. They say nothing. They put Biden in a witness protection program - not a word. Today Americans give Biden higher marks for handling the pandemic than they gave Trump. It shows the power of the medial to shape public opinion. And for some strange reason even the Republicans aren’t even talking about it.

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